Fulford Rogue's Gallery #2

WFulford1.JPG - 9.61 K Walter Joseph Fulford (1860-1944). Born in Greensboro, NC. Buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, New Bern, NC. Hymna-Fulford Plot.

WFulford2.JPG - 4.12 K

MMoore.JPG - 38.11 K Florence Faye Fulford ("Mary Jane") Moore (July 1938 . . . )
Surviving child of Richard Berry and Thelma Credle Fulford (Oct 1912 . . . )
Richard Berry Fulford, Jr., died at birth in 1940.

Mary has two children:







RBFul.JPG - 11.94 K Richard Berry Fulford (12-26-1890 to 10-6-1971). This picture indicates that he was either an Ensign or LtJg in the USN during WWI. He retired as Lt.Cmdr. and was considered to be on inactive duty until his death. He was the son of Walter J. Fulford (1860-1944) and Florence Berry Fulford (1865-1934). Both Walter and Richard are buried on the Hyman-Fulford (1785) plot in Cedar Grove Cemetery, New Bern, NC. Walter's father and mother, Joseph Fulford and wife Sarah, are also buried on this family plot.




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